Mission Statement

Asia represents the market of the future.

This is the market with the largest population (approx. 3/5 of the world population), the highest growth rate and for many sectors a mature market.

In this moment very few Italian companies are present in these markets due to lack of knowledge, entry difficulties and cultural differences. Asia is composed by a variety of countries.

For many companies doing business in Asia is still a dream, a project awaiting for the opportunity to be fulfilled. APALINK’s objective is to facilitate the entry in these markets by medium Italian companies.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired by the Partners and to the local contacts, APALINK is able to favour the start of a successful business and to follow its development.

APALINK has the flexibility to personalize all requests according to necessity (sales, supplies, investments, marketing, …) and help companies in the initial phase. APALINK is also able to implement various projects minimizing the initial investment.